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Do you enjoy travel and discovering new places, events and activities on a local level?

UGOSAPP is the answer for that; a destination App with a difference. Our unique system allows you to receive not just offers, events and activities but updates about the area you are in too. With an integrated trip planner, you will be able to pre-plan your trip and discover the hidden Gem at Destination from the convenience of your Smartphone or website.

UGOS helps you discover new places, events, offers and activities relevant to you within your local area or further afield so you can spend less time planning activities and more time having fun!

As you are passing through the neighbourhood, countryside or city, enjoy our exclusive “Location based Real-time” content, offers or discounts directly to your travel/ tourist companion – UGOSAPP

From USA, Germany, France, China, Caribbean’s and Africa, to the rest of UK, the Republic of Ireland, America’s, Asia, and Europe, UGOSAPP focuses on being convenient and bringing the most popular places, events and activities to the palm of your hand whilst on the go.

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